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From Italy to America: Celebrating National Lasagna Day

Posted by: ceriseko2017
23 Jul
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Italian fare has evolved into a staple of the American restaurant, menu, and dinner table. This dish has been on Italian tables for generations, different and distinctly-prepared depending on the region that you visit. While lasagna has changed, it remains a popular favorite that never fails to satisfy the taste-buds of the entire family.

An Italian Favorite

While most American diners consider the traditional layered lasagna comprised of meats, cheeses, and a red-sauce, each Italian region offers its own distinct variation and spin on the dish. For example, consider the sweet and buttery lasagna da formel of Veneto featuring dried fruits and nuts or the fresh and green piccage lasagna found in Genoa, which truly highlights basil with a simple and refreshing preparation. Dig a bit deeper to find distinctive preparations of lasagna that will surprise and tempt you.

Modern Menu Items

Diners will also find a range of contemporary versions of lasagna crafted and created by chefs widely to appease discriminating lasagna-lovers. Restaurants put their own touch on this traditional, including on the menu at a Mountain View Italian restaurant, where it receives top-notch reviews and repeat customers.

Healthy Approaches to Lasagna

Diners don't need to feel guilty about enjoying this dish; many menus embrace a healthy approach with simple modifications that result in a tasty and lighter meal. You can do this yourself, at home, by adding greens, light sauces, and using noodles of flour and water, instead of the more-traditional and heavier egg noodle.

National Lasagna Day

Need another reason to enjoy Italian cuisine? Celebrate National Lasagna Day on July 29th at your favorite Italian eatery and pay homage to those that derived this dish for present-day dinner tables. Pair your plate of pasta with an Italian wine, such as a merlot or chianti, and replicate an authentic Italian experience whether home or out at a fine Italian restaurant.

Celebrate National Lasagna Day 7/29 at Our OpenTable Restaurant Near Shoreline Amphitheatre

Show lasagna some love by celebrating National Lasagna Day on July 29th. Let the staff at Cucina Venti serve and celebrate this tasty holiday with you, your family, and guests. Enjoy the occasion with the finest Italian fare, atmosphere, and service found in the Mountain View/Silicon Valley area. Lasagna is worth commemorating; celebrate! Book your reservations with the widget below, and find our Italian Restaurant at 1390 Pear Ave Suite D, Mountain View, CA 94043.
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