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Italian Cuisine Traditions: The Feast of the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve

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22 Dec
Cucina Venti private event dining
One of the most charming Italian Christmas Eve traditions is the ‘Feast of Seven Fishes', which has its centuries-old origins in the practices followed by Italians to abide with Catholic rituals. It began with the notion of fasting or abstaining from eating meat before the birthday of Christ. During the period leading up to the Vigil Mass on Christmas Eve, many Italians prepared a fish-only meal to show their respect and faithful anticipation of Christ's arrival.

From Fasting to Feasting

With the passage of time, the simple observance of a fish-only spartan meal evolved into a feast of sorts, and it was only natural that seven different kinds of seafood be featured on the menu, since seafood is a staple of Italian cuisine (and is featured prominently on our menu at Cucina Venti.) Seven is also a very important number in various Italian and Catholic stories: Genesis tells the story of God creating the world in seven days, ancient Rome was built on seven hills, there are seven sacraments. In fact, the number seven is by far the most popular one referenced in the Bible.
Whatever the original intent of the fish-only meal on Christmas Eve, it is no longer a spartan fasting ritual. It has become a festive Italian Holiday tradition!

Choices and More Choices at Mountain view's best Italian restaurant

Cucina Venti offers more than seven choices for you to enjoy your own special version of the ‘Feast of Seven Fishes', but you won't want to have all seven on one day! Spread the experience out over a number of visits during the New Year. Grilled Salmon or Saffron Sea Bass may appeal to you, or perhaps Seared Scallops are more to your liking. Or, Seafood Paella may be the way to go.
Whatever your tastes in seafood might be, we wish you the best of the holiday season. If you plan to take an evening out, enjoy it in the company of good friends, in a beautiful setting, and with sumptuous food and drink, served by staff members anxious to please. And in the New Year, we welcome you to continue the celebration of renewal with us at Cucina Venti, in the fast-growing community of North Bayshore in Mountain View.
To reserve a table, simply click here! Or call us at (650) 397-7786.
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