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Pasta History: the Spaghetti Timeline

Posted by: Cucina Venti Restaurant
02 Oct
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One of America's favorite dinner entrees, spaghetti has had a long and noble past, originally served at the courts of kings, and now beloved by kings and queens of virtually every household in America. The first historical references to spaghetti have been gleaned from 12th century manuscripts in Sicily, where Muslim historian Muhammad-al-Idrisi mentioned it as one of King Roger II's favorite selections. Generic sheets of pasta had long been part of the European tradition by that time, with sheets of rolled dough being used between meat layers as early as the 1st century B.C.


The popularity of spaghetti spreads

During the 14th and 15th centuries, spaghetti became a mainstream feature of Italian cuisine, partly because it was easy to store and serve. At that time, spaghetti and other forms of pasta were standard fare on sailing ships for the same reason – pasta kept very well for extended periods of time, and it had universal appeal. The shipboard usefulness became an important point, as European ships began sailing to Africa and the New World, and as a result, pasta was one of the foods introduced to virtually every shoreline touched by the explorers.

A critical discovery

in the 18th century, a very important discovery enhanced the appeal of spaghetti and pasta even further – tomato juice and tomato sauces. It was found that spaghetti and tomato sauce were a perfect match, and it began appearing in recipe books all across Europe. By the early 19th century, the Sicilian favorite was sweeping all of Italy, and triggered the foundation of pasta factories as well as tomato processing plants throughout Europe. From the Mediterranean countries outward, spaghetti-making captured the fancy of almost every country on the continent.

Spaghetti comes to America

In America, spaghetti was first served in the late 19th century at Italian restaurants, to immigrants who had grown accustomed to frequent spaghetti meals in their native country. From there, it was natural that the powerful appeal of spaghetti penetrated into American restaurants as well, and by the 20th century, it had become a staple. With the introduction of canned pasta and tomato products, spaghetti's popularity soared, and is now one of the most popular single dinner entrees in the country.


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