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The History of Lasagna Pasta

Posted by: The History of Lasagna Pasta
16 Nov
The History of Lasagna Pasta
Whether you are new to Italian cuisine or a longtime fan, you are likely aware that lasagna is a traditional favorite. This delicious dish is considered to be a classic for good reasons. With its layers of tempting ingredients served hot and fresh from the oven, lasagna pasta is the ultimate comfort food.


Origins in Dispute

While many of us associate lasagna pasta with Italy, there are others who would attest that lasagna originated in Greece or England. However, most reports seem to indicate that this pasta dish - as we now know it - made its first appearance in the Italian city of Naples during the Middle Ages.
There may be a couple of reasons for the confusion:
First, the word "lasagna" (or "lasagne") was derived from the word "Laganon," which is a Greek word that described the first known pasta. (The Romans appropriated the word to form the word "lasanum" or "lasanon," which was used to describe a cooking pot.) In Italian, the word "lasagne" is used to refer to lasagna pasta in its plural form.
Second, a British version of lasagna may date as far back as the 1390s, and this recipe is largely considered to be the first actual version of lasagna.

Made to Perfection

Regardless of where the flat, broad pasta may have had its origins, there can be no doubt that it was perfected by the Italians. One Italian recipe from the 16th century seemed to be more of a dessert than a savory entrée. The recipe featured cinnamon and sugar, resulting in a final product that was probably a delightfully sweet version of the pasta dish.
Today, we feast on the perfect, savory blend of tomato sauce, various cheeses, and flat noodles that, when combined, become a warm, inviting dish of lasagna.


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