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The History of Mountain View, CA

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21 Jul
Mountain View Italian restaurant Mountain View history
Mountain View, CA, has a rich history that characterizes this beautiful city even to this day. From the early settlement of the 1700s and the construction of the Bayshore Highway in the early 1900s, to the growth of high technology in the area, Mountain View has experienced many notable changes. The following are a few of the top highlights that mark the evolution of this famous and well-loved city.

A Historical Timeline of Mountain View, CA

Spanish Settlement

Spanish explorers came to settle in Mountain View in the 1700s. They arrived to discover the presence of the Ohlone Indians.

Rancho Pastoria de las Borregas

In 1842, the ranch known as Rancho Pastoria de las Borregas, which was close to 9,000 acres, was granted to a married couple, Francisco Estrada and Inez Castro. Eventually, the area would be recognized as Mountain View and Sunnyvale.

Educational Facilities

This first high school opened in 1902. In 1924, a different school opened on Castro Street. The new school had been designed by the noteworthy architect, William Weeks.

Bayshore Highway

In 1937, after more than a decade of construction, the Bayshore Highway (101) opened on the Peninsula. The cost to construct this highway was $7 million.

Electronics Company Merger

In 1953, General Telephone & Electronics (GTE) and Sylvania Electronics Corporation merged. In the late 1950s, this enormously successful company became one of the biggest employers in Mountain View.

Hospital District

In 1956, a new hospital district was approved by voters. By 1961, the El Camino Hospital was complete and ready to open.

Foothill College

A college district was created in 1957. By 1958, Foothill College was ready to open its campus in Los Altos Hills.

Mayfield Mall

The Mayfield Mall opened in 1966. Mayfield was one of the first Northern California shopping malls that was entirely enclosed and carpeted.

Computer History Museum

In 2002, the Computer History Museum found a new home in Mountain View. The museum's purpose was to preserve computing history.

Google X

In 2010, Google created a semi-secret facility dedicated to research and development. This facility was known as Google X. It was located where the Mayfield Mall had previously stood.

Mountain View, CA Italian Restaurant

As you can see, Mountain View has been the site for many important historical events. Cucina Venti is proud to be a part of the Mountain View, CA community today. Come by our restaurant for great Italian cuisine, a full bar lounge, outdoor dining and private dining options. You can make reservations online or call us at (650) 397-7786 for reservations, private dining, corporate catering and further information.

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