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Trending: Company Holiday Parties Moving to January

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22 Dec
new years party
Instead of throwing yet another office party during the most hectic part of the season, you may want to consider a new trend: the January company holiday party. The beginning of the New Year is an excellent time to celebrate with your staff members. The following points outline some of the top reasons that more companies than ever are embracing this concept.

Why You Should Have Your Company Holiday Party in January

Less Stress

Nearly everyone feels rushed through December. People often have more family obligations at this time of year than they do in any other month. Allow your employees to sail through the end of the year festivities with one less function to attend. If they know you plan to hold your party in January, they will likely appreciate the extra time to shop, wrap gifts, and spend quality time with loved ones.


Many families have chosen to start a new tradition of exchanging gifts in January. A major motivating factor in this decision, for a high percentage of people making this choice, is to take advantage of the post-holiday sales. Businesses can take a cue from this trend. You will get more from your company expense budget if you purchase gifts and decorations in January.

New Year

People attend so many parties to celebrate the December holidays. Be creative by embracing the New Year instead. You can integrate a theme of reflection and renewal for your company party. Incorporate your company's objectives for the year into the theme for your January celebration, and give your staff an event to look forward to after the holidays.


Finding an available event venue for your holiday party will be much easier if you schedule it in January. During the height of the season, many venues are completely booked. You may find it easier to secure a reservation for January, and your guests will have fewer people from other parties to compete with in terms of space. Restaurants will also be much quieter after the holiday rush has subsided.

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