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What to Look for When Selecting a Private Dining Location

Posted by: Cucina Venti Restaurant
27 Oct
What to Look for When Selecting a Private Dining Location
To find the right place for your private event or private dining experience, you first need to think about the nature of that event, and then seek candidate establishments which might be a good fit for that kind of event.
For instance, you might be having a wedding rehearsal dinner for a small number of guests, or you might be scheduling a large corporate dinner for a hundred or more people, or perhaps a fairly quiet retirement party for someone moving into their golden years. As you can see from the diverse nature of these events, you would need a restaurant which can accommodate the specific type of dinner event you have in mind. Here's how you should go about making sure you end up at the right place.


Ask the right questions

Before you even visit any eating establishments, ask around and find out where others have held events similar to the one you're planning, and whether or not the accommodations were adequate. When you do have some candidates in mind, go for a visit, see the venue, meet the staff and schedule a menu tasting.
Don't forget to ask about handicapped access if that's an issue, about parking during your planned time frame, and possibly even about local taxi services. If you'll need audio-visual equipment for some kind of presentation, make sure that's checked out as well.

Benefits of private dining

One of the reasons that private dining is so appealing is that a certain ambiance can be achieved and enjoyed in a separate room, apart from the masses. If you're staging a corporate event, your guests will have the advantage of freely moving about prior to and following dinner, so that socializing and networking can take place.


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