Update: New Menu Release Soon! In Collaboration with Guest Celebrity Chef Consultant

 Release coming soon…

Updated 7/7/17


At Cucina Venti, we strive to provide our guests with an exceptional dining experience that covers everything from a distinctive and warm restaurant ambiance to the remarkable Italian cuisine itself.

Speaking of food, Cucina Venti is excited to announce the release of an elevated and innovative menu that will be launched very soon!

Our new menu will be arranged in consultation with a surprise celebrity chef, who has appeared on various cooking shows throughout his illustrious career. Our talented chefs have collaborated to create tastes unlike other Italian Restaurants as we aim to combine the simplicity of traditional Italian cuisine, with the complexity of contemporary flavors in order to find the perfect balance.

The ingredients are all grown locally and personally selected by our experts. This allows each dish to be created with exceptional quality. This means that guests will be able to experience the different tastes of Italy including Naples, Venice and many regions in between!

Celebrity Chef: Our celebrity chef started his career by studying at the California Culinary Academy. He proceeded to showcase his expertise all over the country in cities such as Portland, Texas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and even abroad in Essen, Germany. His 20-year experience in this field has allowed him to display his talents at 13 different restaurants, 6 of which he was an executive or corporate executive chef. In addition, he has appeared on numerous television shows ranging from the Food Network to Bravo TV. This talented chef’s lamb dish also won first place at the American Lamb Jam in 2016. Besides his impressive experience based accolades, this celebrity chef’s proudest accomplishment is his two daughter’s love for vegetables.

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