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Bella Awdisho

Bella Awdisho


As I traveled through countries such as Spain, France, and Italy, I immediately realized my passion for culinary arts. Following, I embarked upon a journey to Siena, Italy to learn more about authentic Italian cuisine. I came back to the United States with a newfound knowledge and appreciation for quality food and cooking that I transferred to three new restaurants in California. I handcrafted three menus and ideas for the restaurant to be titled Cucina Venti. All of my cooking is inspired by authentic Italian cuisine. Cucina Venti brings the warmth and charm of Italy to the Bay Area


Antonio Zomaro

Antonio Zomaro

Executive Chef

A sense of luxury. Vision. The ability to consistently conceptualize and execute complex dishes worthy of the Bay Area's elite. These were but a few of the prerequisite traits demanded by Cucina Venti. Executive chef Antonio Zomaro is trained in classic Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. He incorporates Italian, French and Spanish influences into his dishes and believes that cooking is a craft. When it comes to cooking, Antonio prepares food using the freshest, seasonal ingredients found locally. The food is simple, yet flavorful, allowing the ingredients to take center stage.

Antonio developed his palate early. His family tended a garden and raised their own livestock. As he matured, the dishes his family passed down to him quickly became the passion of his life. This immersion and the richness of his culture created a foundation on which to exercise his tireless discipline. A discipline that led him to train with the some of the most respected chefs in California.

At Cucina Venti, Chef Zomaro produces nothing but the highest quality dishes. Though admired as a chef for his versatility and cross-cultural understanding of cuisine, he has chosen to focus on the root of his passion; Italian cuisine.

As well respected chefs in bay area, Antonio personally oversaw the launch of The Cucina Venti's sister restaurant, the critically acclaimed The Voya Restaurant.


Christine Schoonover

Christine Schoonover Ramirez

General Manager, Event Manager

With an extensive career in upper-management and event coordination as her base, Christine has developed an approach to planning that is far beyond comprehensive. Her adaptive style, from conception to execution, ensures unique, tailored events with minimum stress.

She strives to facilitate each client’s unique vision, and her continued excellence from restaurant environments to the private sector is evidence of her success. With the luxury of Voya as the template for future events and Christine at the helm, there are boundless possibilities.


Christine Schoonover

Paul Caffall

Beverage Director

Paul Caffall has been tending bar and consulting on everything bar-related from the ground up at some of the most well-renowned restaurants and busiest clubs in the South Bay for over 20 years.
He truly enjoys educating guests and helping them explore new and exciting flavor combinations, all while dispelling some old bar myths and misconceptions, and sometimes even changing one's preconceived notions of what they do or do not like.
His classic approach combined with his knack for creativity, and his penchant for blending the old with the new, keep his outlook, and (most importantly) his cocktails, fresh.

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